Good times….

Although it hasn’t been specifically mentioned lately, I love my husband dearly and enjoy our time together.  This past Sunday was a “just the two of us Sunday fun day”!  We went to the Renaissance Festival together and the weather was PERFECT!  We love having an excuse to spend some time soaking up the sunshine!

This year we enjoyed laughing at a couple of the shows and eating corn on the cob.  We were thankful that we remembered where we parked this year too.  Last time we were here a couple of years ago, we spent a little over an hour looking for our misplaced car.  Remember kids where you parked … King’s Lot or Queen’s Lot.

What else have we been up to lately?

We’ve spent a fair amount of time making new friends while playing cards.  Thank you Meet-Up.  We’ve also found a couple new TV shows that we enjoy watching together.

And with the help of Michelle’s parents, we FINALLY finished our landscape project.  No more rocks on the sidewalk!! HOORAY!

We are fortunate to have great parents, on both sides, who are so supportive in all aspects for our lives.  They are also great with children too.  😉

God is good!