We had such a FUN NIGHT!!At Pitbull Concert

Yes, Paul and I went to the Pitbull/Enrique Iglesias concert on Saturday, February 21st.

We did lots of dancing there and I’m still singing songs from the concert. Okay, not all of the songs I’m singing lately are from those artists, but it’s fun to still be singing.

Pitbull - Big ScreenWe sat up in the nosebleed seats, but still had a good view of the stage and the big screens behind it. We did a lot of dancing when Pitbull was on stage. He puts on a GREAT show!!

We enjoyed Enrique too, although we didn’t dance to his music.Enrique - Hero I did however tear up when Enrique sang Hero.

We took the light rail from Mall of America to Minneapolis. It was nice out when we walked from the train to the 8th Street Grill before the show, but after the show was done it had changed back to Minnesota WINTER weather. Brrrrr

The twenty minutes we spent waiting for the light rail to pick us up was some of the coldest weather we had felt in a mighty long time.

One thing that made it a little more bearable was that a nearby bar was playing some of Pitbull’s music loud enough that we, along with some other concert goers who were waiting for the train, could hear it outside.

We had the “Time of Our Lives”.