Sometimes you just need some relaxation time and last week that is what we did.

Train Ride For Two

Seated for Dinner

We started off with a weekend overnight train adventure in Wisconsin.  The train ride started out with a 4-course meal which was served as we rode along enjoying the scenery.  And a comical thing we saw on our ride was an automobile graveyard.  It was neat to see so many, (maybe 100 or more), old time out of service vehicles.  We’re not motor heads by any means, but that was  fun!

Pretty View


After dinner and a few friendly card games with fellow passengers, we settled into our bunk beds in our “spacious” sleeping car.

Tiny Sleeping Quarters

After a good nights sleep, we had a quick breakfast and headed back home.


On the Road Again

Hotel ViewWe got back from our train ride on Sunday afternoon and then it was time to get ready for our trip to Texas.  Paul’s been climbing the corporate ladder with his skills and leadership style.  It was SO special and fun for both of us that his work considered him one of their top performers last year (ranking in the top 3% of over 25,000 in his department).  In recognition of his accomplishment, they flew the two of us, along with the other winners and their guests, out to San Antonio for a couple days of fun and festivities.  I am very proud of him!

The first thing that was interesting to me about the trip was how many people from Paul’s work were on our Delta flight.  I love flying!  Every time I fly anywhere my heart is so joyful!  It’s one of those things that each time feels like the first time in the most wonderful of ways.  It was also fun to see on our flight how people around us, who I had not yet met, were excited to see Paul.  I really enjoyed meeting his co-workers.

Welcoming LineWhen our flight arrived in San Antonio, we boarded a chartered shuttle and traveled to our hotel, the JW Marriott.  We exited the bus to a receiving line of executives who were clapping and cheering all for the award winners.  As I exited the bus ahead of Paul, I did tell one of the senior executives that I wasn’t the super star.  He assured me Paul couldn’t have done it without me.  I don’t know about that….

They served us wonderful meals throughout the trip that included plenty of gluten free options, which was wonderful for me.  I was also happy that they had some great menu items for Paul, options that he wouldn’t normally have at home.  In addition to the great tasting food, there was an array of activities scheduled for us throughout our time there.  On Wednesday night, we played some bean bag toss, blackjack, and air hockey.  Paul also got to shoot some pool which he really enjoys.

Visiting the AlamoWe saw some of San Antonio’s historic and famous sites during our trip, including the Alamo and other historic Missions,  the Riverwalk (both by boat and on foot), and we even did some shopping in the nearby Market Square.  We really enjoyed the time we spent with Paul’s co-worker, Bill and his wife Mary, as we walked around San Antonio.  They were absolutely delightful!

Another highlight of the trip was being able to have some fun in the sun, especially since we had been in the 50s back home in Minnesota prior to the trip.  The weather was heaven sent on Saturday and we were able to spend some time enjoying the water park at the hotel before we had to head to the airport.  That was a BLAST!!

There were so many other great memories from the trip.  They really treated us like royalty there, but I wanted to keep this from becoming a novel so I will conclude with we had a GREAT time!

Thank you Paul’s work!