Building Our Family Through Domestic Infant Adoption

It was a little over a year ago that our Adoption Home Study was approved.  And as we look back over the last year of our adoption journey, we wanted to reflect back some on the changes so far.

In the last year

  • We published our website (You are HERE!)
  • We created our own business cards
  • We connected with a our first Birth Mother

Everyone has a blog!

From the beginning of our adoption journey, one of the big things stressed by our agency was the importance of outreach.  So with that in mind, I decided to create a website to help prospective Birth Mothers learn more about us and to keep our friends and family updated.  While I have been working with computers since I was in Junior High, I never really had a need to create my own website.  I also have NO background in graphics design as some may have guessed.

Fortunately there are a variety of web publishing platforms and tools out there to help me bring this website to life.

Can I give you one of our cards?

While a website is a good way to let people know more about us, it only works if people VISIT the site.  So to help spread the word, we have also created Adoption Cards.

Here is what the front looks like. 






They look much better in person by the way.  They are the size of a business card and have our contact information on the back.  Our contact at the agency loves them and said they were the best ones she had seen!

We have been sticking them up on bulletin boards and handing them out.  While people have a variety of reactions to our cards, our favorite reaction is when people say, “Can I please help spread the word?” Of course our response is, “Absolutely!!” followed up with ,”Thank You!”

While handing out cards, we also have had the opportunity to be reminded of how wonderful people can be.  A gal who works in the same building as Michelle said, “I wish I knew someone right now!”  We keep thinking of how wonderful it would be if someone had just learned of a potential Birth Mother right before they were handed a card.

Connecting with a Birth Mother

We just recently had our first connection with a Birth Mother which was a direct result from our outreach efforts. A gal we know from our church group had been recently given one of our Adoption Cards.  She called us up on a recent Sunday morning to inform us of a potential situation.  Michelle and I were elated to hear about this and thanked her!!

Michelle reached out to the Birth Mother that same day and texted back and forth with her several times.  Unfortunately it looks like the she changed her mind about making an adoption plan, but it was still nice to have at least made a connection.

We keep praying that the next connection will be THE ONE and that it comes our way very soon.