Unexpected Blessings

Thursday night I was out and about by the Mall of America when I got a text.  My long-time friend (Alison) from Utah was in town for a quick overnight and wanted to know if I was around.  I have known Alison for many years and she truly is a joy to be around. I feel blessed to have her as a friend.

She was staying at the Holiday Inn Express right near the MOA.  Now normally it would take me a half hour or so to get to the MOA from home, but as fate would have it I was nearby and didn’t have plans.  Blessing! Blessing! Joy! Joy!  It was a God thing.

Interesting side note, Alison and her husband have a story similar to Paul and I. They have had a long-time desire to add children to their family.  Like us, they are waiting for God’s timing.  In their case, they are taking a close look at a foster-to-adopt program while they wait.

Anyway… Alison also reached out to a couple other mutual friends to see if they were also available.  Unfortunately, not everyone could make it, but it was still great to spend a couple hours catching up with both Alison and Melissa.  It had been such a long time since I had seen either of them.

I went to bed with a  huge smile on my face that has remained with me for days.