It has been a long time since I have posted an update, and I have a lot to share, so sit back and get comfy.

I’ll start with the most recent highlights and then go back in time.  Back in Time ..hey isn’t that a Huey Lewis and the News song.  It’s also more recently a Pitbull song.  See you learn something new each visit 🙂


easter-1232149_1920A couple of things happened in April. First, I’m surprised how sad I felt over the loss of Prince. It was comforting knowing that both Paul and I were both saddened over it, although I was much more so than Paul. Bottom line…we both really appreciated his music. Even now I still get a little sad when I think about it, primarily because he declared himself to be a MN man. I myself have always lived in MN. I would say that this is the biggest “MN thing” that I have experienced so far in my lifetime.

On a fun and positive note, some friends from the church are close to finalizing an adoption! This  couple had been approved for Domestic Infant Adoption a while back, and now they have a super cute newborn baby boy in their care.  We are thrilled for them beyond belief.

God is good!!


I attended my first Caucus on Tuesday, March 2nd
and I am very glad that I went. politics-1327276_1280For years I have been telling myself that I wanted to become more politically aware and involved. This year I DID NOT want one of the candidates to be our next president, and that STRONG DISLIKE was the push I needed to get me out to the Caucus.

There was a very large turnout this year which resulted in a packed auditorium. The leader of the caucus asked how many people were new to caucusing. I would say roughly 75% of people in attendance raised their hand. The energy and patriotism that I felt at the caucus was wonderful, and I was happy with Minnesota’s results. Although we were in not aligned with many parts of the country, God will work things out. Paul chose not to attend the caucuses, but had a productive workout at the gym instead.


At the end of February, Paul and I attended the Knights of Columbus Wives Appreciation Mass & Dinner.  It was a  beautiful la-tee-dah event which started with Paul dressed up in a suit.  Dinner was downstairs in Saint Francis Hall which looked FABULOUS!!  A friend of ours had spent a lot of time and effort to decorate it in the most beautiful way!!  The evening included a nice dinner, good conversation, music, and games.

For those who didn’t know, Paul had joined the Knights of Columbus in November of last year. The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization. The Order has helped families obtain economic security and stability through insurance, annuity and long-term care programs, and has contributed worldwide to service in communities, including assisting with Catholic Education, Special Olympics, and more. In 2014 alone, the Order gave over $173 Million directly to charity and performed over 71.5 million man-hours of voluntary service.

logoOn Saturday February 6th, I met up with my mom and attended the WINE Catholic Women’s Conference 2016.  It was amazing!  The day included many fabulous and dynamic speakers.  I didn’t get very much time to visit with mom while we were there, but we were both so glad we went.  It was the most spiritually uplifting event I had been to in years.

Also in February, Paul took me out on a surprise date night!! I love surprises especially when he had it on our calendar several weeks in advance.  I had  fun trying to guess what he might have planned for us.d80803_2271a6c90b184b68811c6384cf6c46fc

At first, I was thinking maybe dinner and a movie, or a live comedy show, or maybe even a stay-at-home date night.
Then I remembered how it greatly peeked my interest that Elvis Lives was going to be at Mystic Lake Casino. I love all kinds of music, including oldies from Elvis Presley.

Sure enough….we went to Mystic Lake Casino to see Elvis Lives, and it was fabulous!!  We started the evening at the buffet, went to the show, and finished up at the slot machines.  I smiled so much the whole entire night!!  Thank you Hunky Hubby!!

Holidays 2015

Our Holidays were fabulous again this year.  We went to Iowa to visit with Paul’s parents and sister at Christmas.  It’s always nice to visit them, plus we got to spend some time with several of his aunts and uncles who we hadn’t seen in a while.

On December 29th,  we flew to Florida to catch up with my family who was vacationing there.
We met up with my parents, Sue (my sister), her husband and their 3 kids.

The weather was wonderfully sunny and exceptionally warm!! It was in the 80s while we were there and I was LOVING that! We also spent some time with extended family (my mom’s sister and husband, my cousin and cousin’s friend).

Saving The Best For Last

Now for the biggest highlight of this entry, which still brings tears to my eyes as I type it.

Pregnant MichellePraise God!!  I am pregnant!

Even though It has taken several years of prayers (and tears), I am thankful to God that indeed now is the time!!  Our due date is June 2nd, which is approaching VERY FAST!!

This is hopefully just the beginning of our dream, which is to have more than one child, whether by birth or through infant adoption.