We hope your 2014 was a GREAT year.  Here is a quick recap of some of the highlights from our 2014.


Paul and Michelle with Hyundai Santa FeFebruary

We traded in Michelle’s car for another Hyundai (a Sante Fe Sport). We love the blue color and the fact that both of our cars now have remote start. That comes in handy during the cold winter months…. all 9 1/2 of them 🙂


In May we celebrated our 3-year anniversary (Leather)… how time flies. I am pretty sure that Michelle has purchased a new leather purse sometime during the year, so that counts … right?!


July was filled with fun and activity. This year’s Father & Son golf tournament over the July 4th weekend was cancelled at the last minute due to bad weather which Paul was bummed about. Paul celebrated his birthday by attending a men's Cursillo retreat.

Paul celebrated his birthday mid-month with over 60 men, including several friends from our parish, at a weekend long Cursillo retreat. See if you can pick him out in the photo to the left (Where’s PAULdo?)


State Fair with Snoopy


We went to the Minnesota State Fair in August with good friends. We had a fun time seeing the various exhibits, listening to music, and sampling the various “food on a stick” items. Michelle even got to meet Snoopy.


Michelle started volunteering at Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nurseries in September. She really loves being around the little ones again. We also were busy at the end of the month helping with AngelFest, our church’s annual Fall Festival. I ran the Pizza Booth, and Michelle ran the Pull Tab booth.


We took in two live shows at Mystic Lake Casino, one of Michelle’s favorite places, this year. Michelle-with-Magician-Greg-Gleason.jpgThe first show, Masters of Illusion, was in October. It was nice having both sets of parents join us as Paul’s parents had driven up for the weekend. It was a good show and nice that all of us were able to be there together. Here is a picture of Michelle with one of the magicians.

Also in October was the 2nd annual Rediscover: Catholic Celebration put on
by the Archdiocese. UPaul with Father Dave at Rediscover 2014nfortunately, Michelle ended up coming down with something right before the event so I had to attend without her. I picked up a CD from Father Dave Dwyer, who she really had wanted to see, and had him autograph it for her. And to close out the month of October, Paul was recognized at work for all of his efforts.


In November, we went to see our second show at Mystic Lake – Last Comic Standing Live.Paul and Michelle with Last Comics The comedians were very funny and we laughed all night. We had seen them on TV, but it was much better seeing them in person. We were even able to meet some of the performers after the show which was GREAT.

Throughout the year, we have been surrounded by friends both old and new. Some of them literally are in our backyard, which made it easy for having them come over for Paul’s chili this fall, as well as keeping an eye on Bailey for us when we went to visit family in Iowa for Thanksgiving.

If there was one month that stood out the most, it would be the month of August, which was the month that we went in the Adoption Book.

Domestic Infant Adoption

After a thorough review process, were were approved for Domestic Infant Adoption.

The approval process included the following:

  • 20 short essay questions
  • Health information from our doctors
  • Review of all of our Financial information
  • Three interview meetings with our adoption advisor
  • State and Federal Criminal Background Checks
  • Home Study

After being approved, we spent many more hours putting together our birth parent letter, our photo book, and the website that you see in front of you to help potential birth parents to get to know us better.

Now that we are in “the book“, the average placement wait is almost 2 YEARS.

Roughly 70% of the adoption placements at our agency come from birth mothers choosing the adoptive parents through either seeing them in “the book” or on the agency website (www.adoption-minnesota.com).

The remaining 30% of placements are made through the networking efforts of the prospective adoptive parents. Most of the time this ends up being a friend of the family who knows someone who knows someone.

While we wait for God’s timing, Claire and Bailey continue to be spoiled by both of us. We are also grateful for the gift of each other and continue to work on making our marriage the very best that it can be.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas season and a Happy New Year!!

Paul and Michelle