Two Saturdays in a row!  Saturday, March 14th was great!  We got together with a bunch of long time friends. There were eight of us, 4 couples, that got together.  The evening started with good conversation and dinner at The Happy Gnome.  My meal was scrumptious… to die for!!  I had the halibut which was served over lobster risotto.  Yummy!!

After dinner, we all went to a live comedy show and laughed!  I personally believe that laughter in one of God’s greatest gifts.

I am so glad we all had a great time together.  The next day my hunky hubby was thanking me for organizing it.  I tend to be the primary planner for our social life.

Last Saturday, March 21st, we got together with other long time friends of ours.  This particular couple just recently moved to Buffalo, MN so we went to see their new house.  It had been a while since the four of us had gotten together, so it was wonderful to see them again!

They have a beautiful new home.  She has exquisite taste and it was as nicely decorated as I imagined it would be.  She was telling us about all of the remaining updates they’re hoping to do to the home.  We will be seeing them again soon for a birthday party that is being planned for her husband at the end of May.

Coming up next..  SUNSHINE!!