Sorry that we haven’t been around for a while.  We have some BIG NEWS to share though……… WE MOVED!!!

It’s something that we had been thinking about for over a year.  We put our house on the market this past spring and found a house that we really loved in the Southern Suburbs.

We moved into our new house in May, and we LOVE IT!!    One of the big benefits of our new home is that it is closer to both sets of parents (Joseph’s Grandparents).  Another perk, that we will love this winter, is that fact that we can fit BOTH cars into the 3 car Garage.  Our old house had a 2-car garage, but it was a very narrow 2-car garage that didn’t work to well for us.

We have been getting settled in for the last couple of months and have enjoyed meeting our new neighbors. Everyone has been very friendly and Joseph has already made some new friends with the neighbor kids across the street, as well as some of the neighborhood pets.

Our new house is significantly larger than our old house, and it has an open floor plan which makes it better suited to entertaining family and friends.

We were able to put that to use right after we moved in when we held Joseph’s Birthday Party at our house in May. Joseph’s Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt came up from Iowa and stayed with us for a couple days.  They were able to get some good quality time with Joseph while they were here.  It was also wonderful having his local grandparents, aunt and cousins, and other good friends at the party too.

Paul has been enjoying turning our house into a “smart home”. I am not completely sure exactly what that means, other than we get a lot of Amazon boxes.

He is still working on it, but it is pretty cool having the bathroom fan turn itself on when it gets too humid. He has also integrated the alarm system that came with the house into our “smart home”. If Joseph tries to make a break for it out one of the doors, we will know about it. This will come in handy during the teen years!!

I have been exploring some new recipes again now that most of the kitchen stuff is unpacked. I also have been getting some quality time in with friends and hope to take an Origami class yet this summer.

Joseph loves to sing and play “Ring Around The Rosie”. He also enjoys playing outside with the neighbor kids, and visiting the puppies, doggies, and kitties (including our cat Claire) in and around our neighborhood.

In June, Joseph started taking toddler gymnastics classes with Paul. They both really seem to enjoy it, and Joseph just started his second session of them this month. Joseph and I have been making regular visits to our local library.  He loves to get new books, as well as play with the toys and kids there.

At the end of June, it was time to head to Iowa to celebrate both Paul and his Dad’s birthdays, as well as hold the annual family Father & Son golf tournament. Paul and his dad against his cousin & uncle, his dad’s brother and his son, in an 18-hole tournament for family fame, glory, and bragging rights!! Most important of all though is the covetted “Golfing Frog” trophy!! For the 2nd year in a row, Paul and his dad were victorious!!

Even with all that has been going on, we have been able carve out some “quality time” with Joseph and each other.

My fondest memory so far from this summer was taking Joseph to Como Zoo where we met up with Joseph’s grandparents, cousins, and various relatives and their kids/grandkids. There were several little ones around Joseph’s age and he had a ball laughing and playing with each of them.

Paul’s most special memory was having Joseph sing the FULL “Happy Birthday Daddy” song to him on his birthday. Joseph did such a great job and it was really touching to see. I just wish I would have thought to get a video of it.

We also made some time for just the two of us and had a couple recent dates nights. We went out for a nice dinner together as well as a couple movies. Paul finally was able to see the most recent Avengers movie for his birthday, and he found a good scary movie for us on Netflix called “The Boy”.

As you can might have guessed by now, it has been a busy and fun spring/summer for us all.