How We Met

We met in late November 2008 at an Xbox Rock Band party that a mutual friend hosted. About a month after we met, we had lunch together and from there we started dating. We were together almost every day, and on the days when we were not together we talked on the phone.

Early on in our relationship, we discovered that we both shared a love of children and wanted to have a family together. On Memorial weekend 2011 we married, and we celebrated our 3 year anniversary this year.

Favorite Things

We enjoy sharing time together filled with love and laughter, whether it is curling up on the couch (along with our pets) watching a favorite TV show or going for a walk along one of the many paths near our house.

Other things that we enjoy include:

  • Babysitting our friends’ children
  • Hanging out with family and friends
  • Playing cards and board games
  • Vacationing in the warm sunshine

To Learn More

See our Adoption Letter for additional information.